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Since new year 2008 and launch of social business book 1, we have visited dhaka 4 times to compile unique resources with Dr Yunus and his leadership team as well as to collect pamphlets (ask if you want list of 20+ on sale a grameen bank dhaka for about 50 cents each); we have also met dr yunus on 8 other occasions. We aim to share our materials at cost with anyone who is trying to help dr yunus tranform globalisation back to sustainability and design true social business systems

These videos are normal youtube quality or better


Youtubes from 30 minute discussion with yunus during first social business book tour new york jan 2008


Youtubes and whole film of 90 minute Saint James lunch – Yunus Booktour london Feb 2008


120 minute film of 69th birthday dialogue June 2009

25 minute film (distant shooting) launch of Global Grameen

, Germany Nov 2009

Kazi Islam Grameen Solutions internet and mobile solutions for the poor

1 hour film and transcript July 2008

Brochure of 10000 rural telecentre concept jan 2008

Mr Sultan – Healthcare SB including Veolia Water

Mrs Begum – training and Education social business; female co-founder

1 hour film and transcript July 2008

Professor Latifee – co-founder ; Grameen Trust International Microcredit

30 minute film and transcript July 2008

Mrs Lamiya Morshed – Yunus Centre

30 minute film and transcript 2008

Mrs Janine-Quanine

Number 2 in training with Mrs Begum (also initiator of Grameen microcredit in Kosovo)

20 minute film and transcript July 2008

Mr Samir Chowdury (early SB Project liaison; left Grameen 2009) 20 minute film and transcript June 2008

Mr Dipal Barua, co-founder (left Grameen late 2009) MicroEnergy SB 45 minutes film and transcript June 2008

Below we love to provide news of all film that is publicly available for improving understanding of social business system design – we also host of filmmakers association of social business:

  • Holly Mosher Bonsai Social Business Movie Clubs – home LA shown worldwide as part of TheGlobalSummit network of Melanie St James

  • TheGreenChildren pop videos home LA
  • The Gayle Ferraro movie "To Catch A Dollar : Muhammad Yunus Banks on America" launched at Sundance 2010
  • 2 minute trailer

    The youtube launching CSUCI Yunus Centre California

    Students of the HEC Social Business track typically make a 3 minute youtube review of theer experience here

    Launch of the AIT Yunus Centre in Bangkok generated a series of 6 extraordinary 10-minute press interviews

    Grameen America and Grameen Foundation have various film of Yunus

    Ashoka with Jeff Skoll produced there 45 minute dvds of Yunus in 2005 (typically reailing at about $15 each)

    PBS featured Yunus in the Unsung heroes series – approximately 30 minute film (typically $30?)

    Dhaka has various archive film

    We look forward to the epic production of YunusMovie by Vivian Norris-Montaigu and leading women film-makers

    About 30 Yunus talks on Social Business are shown at the webs of their conference producers

Please tell us of other sources particularly those people can share at cost
If I can help you find the yunus youtube you most need in under 5 minutes give me a skype at isabellawm

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