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As more and more people have been attracted to our "Conscious Capitalism" program, we have discovered a remarkable level of ignorance regarding the proper functioning of capitalism. In order to create a "Conscious Capitalism" worthy of the name, not only do entrepreneurs and managers of business enterprises need to be capable of incorporating the key principles of Conscious Businesses,

1. Deeper purpose
2. A commitment to the well-being of all stakeholders
3. Servant leadership

But they also need to understand capitalism itself.

In its ideal form, best articulated by Ludwig von Mises in Human Action, capitalism is the most humane system for coordinating human activity known to human kind. The pathologies of existing capitalism are typically due to

1. Some form of misguided government-induced distortion in properly functioning capitalism, or

2. Due to the absence of the requisite institutions of capitalism,

A. Property rights,
B. Rule of law, and
C. Freedom of contract.

Because this perspective is unfamiliar to many, we will provide an accessible source for those who are committed to optimizing human happiness and well-being by means of Conscious Business enterprise and the creation of a Conscious Capitalist system itself. We will also articulate related elements of a Conscious system, including Conscious Government, Conscious Citizenship, Conscious Journalism, Conscious Academia, and Conscious Education.

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