Which knowhow networks might China enjoy linking in to MOOCYunus

moocyunus- invites collaboration around priority training modules for freeing the greatest job university online

Which knowledge would China value youth networking ?

Village Energy? Village Banking? Village Nursing?


Will sustainable trade go beyond the G series of nations and the BRICS and celebrate the dawn of the BBC (BrazilBanglaChina) as 3 nations that most value the Entrepreneurial Revolutions of green energy and free university?

MOOCYUNUS -which market purposes can we help youth free first?

MoocYunus webs - YunusChina.com & ..

What do millions of youth need to interact round online to understand


How to design job creating banks


How to design job creating education


How to design affordable accessible healthcare


How to design nutrition and food security all especially   infants (first 1000 days)


How to thrive with carbon negative energy


What mobile apps can create most jobs and unite race to   poverty museum


How economists design or destroy (pro-youth) futures

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Journal of 2010s

these are the most exciting times to be alive

how can we include grameen cases in net generations's lesding MOOC


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youth's greatest job creators ..

 10000education 10000energy


jan 2011 issue 1 of journal of social business


archives at The Economist


Number 1 in Economics for Youth

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