october 2015 Beijing

Open space technology
Day 1
Held by Shining stone community action center - SSCA
We talked about what is the role of a facilitator in open space and who do you expect a facilitator to be.
Key words:
One conference, one facilitator. topic, schedule,process,framework, people can leave, unexpected results in the conference 
Then we had one hour discussion about what we need to know as a facilitator.
Key words:
The world coffee conference, visual meeting, ORID, NLP, music, relaxation,magnetic field, put everything in order, design the space, drawing, environment design 
Teacher/professor/NGO/NPO/Government/university student/Training school/social worker
1.Facilitating the university students to develop themselves and redesign courses.
2.Facilitating elder people to redesign their communities and retired seniors like doctors do volunteer jobs for the community.
3. One person, one story- using drama to perform the real stories to help people understand the conflicts from families via the third angle. 
4.improvisational theatre as psychotherapy
5. Low carbon emission community- redesign the community with the investment of the government. Farmers as experts plant  organic vegetables on the roof as an innovation. 
6.autism children care center- therapy class and coordinate between children and parents.
7. Community library project- bring more libraries back to community
8. Using open space technology in the class in university
Open space has penetrated enormous positive effects on building a harmonious community in China and it helps between government and citizens to have mutual trust and reduce conflicts. Now we are expanding the application of this wonderful technology and some new models used as dealing conflicts between community members and government could be replicated to a lot of cities, which could scale up. 
China is lagging behind in social innovations and conflicts between rich and poor and government and citizens and so on are big challenges. However, from the conference in Beijing, our Chinese, especially the younger generation, we dare to challenge and change the rules. We desire to have a better community and with open space technology, it creates marvelous benefits to solve people’s problems. 

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