norman macrae foundtaion - reporting yunus in china

during the last 3 years of his life Norman Macrae (host of The Economiist's Entreprenurial Revolution since 1976 of net generation's 3 billion new jobs) strongly supported yunus invitations to youth to collaborate . Theseincluded ideas of swapping end poverty solutions microfranchises yunus had scaled in bangladesh (eg solar-a-billion for off-grid villagesr) with relevant situations in chinea - the goal a global youth social world trade in which china would also inwardly invest in testing sb solutions in bangladesh

in 2010

norman died

the last global co-sponsieed event with yunu was his 70th birthday wush party at university of glasgow 4 july

there we heard that after losing the grameen bank to bangladesh government, yunus was starting again with all partnberships to be handled by german hans reitz -most of yunus advances in china are now pr'd out of hans labs - pls judge for yourself the collaboration opportunities of each but meanwhile coming froim open learning perspective we find youth opportunities around sir fazle abed simpler to report

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breaking news 2016 july - global sb summit china postponed nov 2016 to 2017

======================back to 2011

China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (You Change) - Organizations ... › Organizations
The China Social Entrepreneur Foundation is a nonprofit public interest organization with independent legal person status, which has been formally established ...

07:30 pm CET // YouChange Foundation celebration party :: China

07:30 pm CET // YouChange Foundation celebration party :: China

YouChange Foundation from China celebrated Professor Yunus' birthday this evening with over 90+ guests in attendance. We would like to share some pictures with Professor Yunus of the festivities in Beijing, please kindly deliver YouChange Foundation's well wishes to him! Wishing him a very Happy Birthday! projects are vaut le voyage - the originnal corporatre and university (HEC) partner in idea of glpobal  social business -2005

NutriGo in China starts pilot phase : a new journey for social business

NutriGo project in China is the union of Dumex (biggest Baby Food Company in Danone), One Foundation, NPI Foundation and ILSI-FP China (a government nutrition body) and danone.communities to fight malutrition of babies in rural China through education and the distribution of a fortified complementary product.


Most partners of the NutriGo project gathered In December 2011 in Enshi district of the Hubei province in China to sign the main contracts and launch officially the pilot phase.


Enshi district is 4M people and 6 counties, 2 cities, 1/3 below poverty line - 1200 RMB per year (that is less than 1€ per day per person). Director Zhu of ILSI-FP, one of China's best nutrition experts explains to me how severe malnutrition has almost disappeared from China in 20 years; however, anemia and malnutrition are still prevalent; "Before there was no food; now there is food but people lack the education; we see complementary food as a fast solution to improve the nutrition but the real task will be to educate the people about good nutrition"


The signing ceremony of NutriGo Social Company (December 2011)


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Journal of 2010s

these are the most exciting times to be alive

how can we include grameen cases in net generations's lesding MOOC


youth's greatest job creators ..

 10000education 10000energy


jan 2011 issue 1 of journal of social business


archives at The Economist


Number 1 in Economics for Youth

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