how interconncted are the system designs of peace makers and economists

my family's view is wholly connected - more at


back to the future history of what world of youth can learn from asia 


the main courser mooc partner in Japan is a leader in peace curriculum

University of Tokyo   Conditions of War and Peace Oct 15th 2013


- I have posted yunus main partner in Tokyo questioning whether any yunus cases could be weaved in since I feel Japan has a fine tradition of seeing economics an peacemaking as systematically related especially at interface of youth job creation and sustainable communities - the celebration brochure published when Nobal peace judges came to Dhaka summer 2008 to open a yunus museum is well worth turning into a training module


i am biased but I believe monica's artists peace corps is the most exciting case of all from usa system-transformation perspective


one of the lost cases of our short-minded era is einstein's work in support of gandhi -and indeed all conflicts requiring removal of excess command and control systems


I have also introduced mrs begum to my friends among the gandhis who run the 50000 school at - the only unesco peace winner - their main finding for teachers is what cross cultural understanding a child takes into adolescence is likely to determine their life


Conditions of War and Peace

Kiichi Fujiwara

This course aims to nail down some of the basic issues that had been argued in the current research on peace and security.

Workload: 5-7 hours/week 

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Journal of 2010s

these are the most exciting times to be alive

how can we include grameen cases in net generations's lesding MOOC


youth's greatest job creators ..

 10000education 10000energy


jan 2011 issue 1 of journal of social business


archives at The Economist


Number 1 in Economics for Youth

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