conversations relevant to chinese students of girl empowerments greatest heroes -yunus, sir fazle abed

notes on yunus and sir fazle at world record jobs creators

Ms A is graduating in china this years , wants her life to contribute to futire of education in china- wonders whether she needs to study in usa -eg university of maryland

about uni of maryland but I am not sure  in spite of 2 hugely exciting UMD networks:
Nobel laureate Scheling on crisis of climate change keynote at Melissa's first social value summit
Creditease was an inaugural winner of the maryland-china entrepreneur contest and may remain the most interesting network inspired by muhammad yunus in china (though I'd love to be corrected)
  • 5 - CreditEase - 宜信
    Inspired by professor Muhammad Yunus, Mr. Ning Tang founded the CreditEase. ... Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, on January 5th at the ...
Specifically if the world is to enjoy clean energy before drowning Bangladesh we wish to celebrate connections made between 3 groups:
chinese students in china
chinese students in america
american students
Around 2008 Jack Ma appears to have been inspired by yunus - see eg this video

100millionjobcrisis - YouTube 

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If anyone has ideas please say. I will be checking whether there is any way to get in touch with education foundation of Yao Ming through a friend in DC who knows his agent but realistically that's going to be weeks away from progressing. I also swish to form a book club around Inside out China/India . 
My favorite of all yunus pamphlets was growing up with giants his plan to connect trades between bangladesh, india and china. Back in 2008 if his friends had united around his idea of developing cox's bazaar the future of bangladesh would have been totally different
I will put this note up at -. anyone starting puddles relevant to this area of connections with future of youth and yunus- ideas always welcome washingtin dC

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