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Since new year 2008 and launch of social business book 1, we have visited dhaka 4 times to compile unique resources with Dr Yunus and his leadership team as well as to collect pamphlets (ask if you want list of 20+ on sale a grameen bank dhaka for about 50 cents each); we have also met dr yunus on 8 other occasions. We aim to share our materials at cost with anyone who is trying to help dr yunus tranform globalisation back to sustainability and…

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Building Social Business

Action big consequences: declare huge sustainability goal & search Collaboration Partners - download sustainabilitygame.doc ; prepares Yunus book networking of that name. This is his second book invitation to… Continue

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10 partners for sustainbility

Origin: It appears that John mackey CEO of whole foods is also looking for worldwide partners in sustainability - ths newsletter just in:

As more and more people have been attracted to our "Conscious Capitalism" program, we have discovered a remarkable level of ignorance regarding the proper functioning of capitalism. In order to create a "Conscious Capitalism" worthy of the name, not… Continue

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Journal of 2010s

these are the most exciting times to be alive

how can we include grameen cases in net generations's lesding MOOC


youth's greatest job creators ..

10000women 10000education 10000OpenTech 10000energy


jan 2011 issue 1 of journal of social business

local editorial webs include;;


archives at The Economist


Number 1 in Economics for Youth

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