Y1 grameen bank 60 circles

Y1.1 circles and vegetable gardens

Y1.2 and pit latrines

Y1.3 women owned property huts

Y1.4 secondary scholarships

Y1a adie

Y1b KIva and zip and youth loans  -dito babyloan, china

Y1c1 puddle

Y1d microlanfoundation

Y1e jamii bora -leads to kena best for banking reulation and ebank liftoff


y2.0 community banking owned by poorest vilage mothers bridges with investment banking for millennials goals

Y2 grameenphone and phone ladies

y2a leads to partners with most and least -eg grameen intel, danone - inward investors in child nutrition

y2b scalable a billion project turns our tp be energy (who did banking mpsea and bkash, telec-eductaion , markets for jobs ma, shared odea of free nursing college; 20 bottom up multinationals polak; w4e' brac' samara

y3 twin city olympics and 7 wonders

various uostar models - and see edu conytribution to top 10 areas

y3 monthly banker for job creation

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Grameen Bank 1983

Franchising womens banking circles- job creation of local markets and skills networking

poorest village motehrs help invent safest ever community regeneration banking system

60 by 60 format barefoot banking format bank managers weekly visit to each centre-yunus greatest models - inspiring barefoot service; foundations for deepest hub and spoke network villages ever connected by

empowerment by local centres of 60 -16 decision culture - links goal of income generation and community trust to investing in childrens (education, health) futurewomens definition of end poverty goals not some macroeconomic standards

own community's exchanges

banking for poor ownership by members

first extension - attaching vegetable garden to every centre

audit goals - 5stars and cumulative-goals achieved celebrated in pan-bank report

- remains world leading inspiration for lending circles - real and virtually empowered

first health services designed into womens banking circles

oral rehydration on passbook

carrott seeds to end night blindness

pit latrines

wellbeing lifestyles and group support, and empowerment of self

aga lhan award winning hut - minimum covered structure - moonsoon-proof, cyclone proof, latrine connected; ownership by mother and children reversing culture of any man could throw his wife and children out

what could equity stake of owning bank become?

1996 opportunity to make grameen parterships worldwide youth most productive job sustauning brand

grammen phone forst to leapfrog communications

grameen first off-grid-billion person energy model

partership labs between world's most resourced and thoise with most urgent need of microfrachise solutions

-so why didt gramen become milennaisl most rpoductive bgarnd - seewwww.globalgramen.com

how dod yunis become milennials mnost exciting concept designer - compoarison with other top 10 job creators roles

yunus as hero of youth's 1000 most exciting concepts

7 wonders of Youth & Yunus  and partners between those with most resources and communities with most urgent need of microfranchise solution

how to make a job creating youth olympics the most popular twin city movement to host -more popular than any sporting world cup!

what will ending 20th world in which half of people are unbanked entail - which public servants see this as their convenant of trust with the peoples

how do we make the world's best job creating university free online always accessible to all

how would a nearly free nursing college be the catalyst to 8 times lower cost better quality health service for all

what does a place need to do to ensure it never loses a youth who could be a brilliant open source tech wizard of sort that ihub economies flourish around

what would a clean energy. water, food secure and zero waste curriculum look like from grade 3 up- and how to tune this with connectedness of human race and nature being a win-win around the 21st Century's global village planet

how can a place's most trusted leader of next generation goals organise monthly social business fund competitions for youth -which multi-win models of how knowhow multiplies value in use can most suitably replace zero-sum mindsets of industrial eras of consuming up things

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Journal of 2010s

ED: Glasgow U Smith Scholars launch social business & new economics -tour more 21st C openJ:  JEiE  I(Top secret Not the Facebook Economics) & Twitterversal.com

TO BE OR -join 8 billion neing's social responsibility 

these are the most exciting times to be alive

help edit 2024's last edition of 2025report- begun 1984 -34th year of 75 searching wwws of womens kindness saves the world -whatsapp

how can we include grameen cases in net generations's leading MOOC


rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Fazle Abed: never spend time in a MOV unless C is for cooperation


2023 updates can open space & ed3 help who spends what time in metaverse and supporting Guterres 9 playing pieces of gov 2.0

If i understand john is in oregon - one of 7 states my family in small way helped yunus challenge to state wide college student competitions -open source solutions needed 2009-2013 to go sustainably beyond subprime 
 paul is in brighton area - he mentions jack martin leith who was first host of a london open space I attended 2000; i know how 2000-2006  after 9/11 developed open space in London and south england , hubs , be the change- personally 2005 was a worst year for me my main open space associate colin morley was killed in 7/7; dads cancer was announced termina; my 8 yaer old daughter was being bullied in us school, and attending make poverty hostory's maion foundation ,eetings in london withh bbc red nose they were talking fund raising not solutions educatirs needed to distribute; and there was no undesranding of web 2 (mobile satabase race)
Is this enough to see wht metaverse designers , open space faciltatirs and those helpoing gureres chnage government need each other
Do we have a map of regional oipen space faciliraotrs who might want to deepen this discussion
cheers chris
 I was lucky that one person connecetd me with bangladesh which I had never been to. It turned out vilage women builth that nation byparticpating weekly in open space circles. This began eoiund 15000 vilage homes rebuilt after war had faletened them. There were 3 main types of vialfe circles - food, health/sanitaion, crafts and eg social forestry to earn trade with city. The purpose to help illiterate vilage mothers design small busienss micrfranchise in these 3 applicatiuon circles geared to end tens of mothers dying weekly of sravation and scores of infants dying of dehtdartion. I mention this because the bbc as world's number 1 public braidacster did endless harm by descriging this system wrongly - I monitired that endles harm from 2007. I dont like facebook but I am redesigning an economics grioup i posted in 2008 but forgota bout for 15 yeras; Glasgow feeinds & my my main blog on scottosh economics moral semntiments is www.economistdiary.com
maybe I am wrong but at 71,  i see collision of metaverse and open space as last best chance- of course its very contextually geographbically and by whar issue under 30s half of wporld face first to resov]=lve comapred with ,ess my generation has spun
I am just a mathematicains so I love graet simple faciliation but dont do it muself though as marhet researcher and caluer of leadeship purspoe its ceteinaly in my opinion searching toolbag
I guess I am confused - relatively few open spaces seem, to masively craetre move,mensts which immediately lead to emplyment for thios who have particpp;ated- whn i have tried to ask harrison about this - i undersyand examples of follow through success include
eg when atalantolym[ics was 6 montsh be]hind schedule so needed os solutions
ironically I ddont believe hackathos etc during era of web1,2 have really used open space- often the hakathon has a bif digital sponsor
so if I am right its al to play fpor - how do we get best of open space , web 3 and live.lihood education

 m dad's case entrepreneurial revolution 1976 - need to change constitution and finance as for sme networks to save all community building futures; as well as livelihood development of half of world east of iran 1977  Two Billion People: A Survey of Asia
death of disance telecommuting; He saw a Jeffersonian future, in which, thanks to 
dad had survived being teen navogatitr allied bo,ber sommand burma; so had google maps in his gead before any20th c media person and met von neu,ann in peinceton who asked whether econos,its were interested in teh scoop - what goods could peoples first unite wherever they wer privileged to apply 100 times more etach [er decade -or in harroson case ever deeper real time globasl villages
i found open space in Uk just before 9/11 with oneof same faciliatrors as paul ie jack marting leith; my wife and daughetr had already moved to maryalnd where I found harrison was a neigbor o f ikne from abour 2006
I have only hade visit to oregon- with muhammad yusnu chalenging the states colege stidents to collaboiration entreporeneurship
Is it just 3 of us or do you think otehrs are interested? based in dc i really see new york as only affoedable space so for me its usefil that https://www.k20educators.com/ has proven how to design meta-conference and camous spaces and applies open space as part of its mix; amd I am trying tp connect all new york friends through the omnly part pf teh Un taht I matehmatically uinderstand gov2.0 https://www.un.org/techenvoy/content/ongoing-work by accident since 2016 have ben at main meeting of this in ny and geeva and at zooms https://publicadministration.un.org/egovkb/en-us/data-center
but where else do you sugest we linkin - is there a way to coperate; anything else I should try & clariyy??
Harrison Owen <hhowensr@gmail.com>
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This is really interesting to me.  Please let me know if anyone is aware of any upcoming OS meetings where this kind of thing will be interactively discussed.
Thank you,

John Warinner
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may need to be short and long version of this question if its to help with millennials being first sustainability generation
Shortish Version 
Over least 12 months have talked to people designing metaverse to maximise millennials changing education and connect positive emotional intel some of call womens kindness (one ny billionaire is launching her next leap on kindness on valentines day) with the help of my favorite recording studio in NY
NY first became my fav place in USA when 9 brave educators (eg world bank jim kim) in 2016 told the UN hq that the sdgs were unteachable without change to every way learning time is spent - that has become https://www.un.org/techenvoy/content/ongoing-work Before this the UN had nothing for me coming from 4 generations of diaspora scots who prefer not to spend life's time on top down system design 
another asian new yorker Home | k20 Educators is in my searches a mile ahead in designing virtual spaces so youth don't need to be tied to costs (and silos) of physical conference centres or lectures driven by costly certificates -
 she has designed in about 4 best of meta-tools - eg augmented reality, game designs, blockchain to own what fashion or solutions you create or open source; 
AND open space
so short question who might want to chat with her (of course you are welcome to contact her direct) but my new york friends are trying to linkin a calendar of stuff through 2023 where we aim to help communities take back the UN (or at least youth scaling sdg solutions across communities)
so as one example march 21 to 25 has first water-sanitation-habitat summit at hq for 20 yeras and i know jack sim from singapore who is number1 in telling stories on value of toilets; jack's own story includes selling his 40 companies in 1999 and spending the last 23 years or cooperation solutions BOP Hub 
most of our new york meta- diary links in something asians are doing because they have for many reasons not seen the web as dominated by advertising; 
cheers chris
DC and NY +1 240 316 8157 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk EconomistDiary.com 

EconomistDiary.com mediating 100 times more tech/decade 1951+ & asia gir...

73rd year of mediating von neumann's question what goods will privileged people unite with 100 times more tech per decade http://neumann.ning.com 
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