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OmagineOman مشروع أوماجين

Norman Macrae "The Economist's UG"- of the world's top 20 job creating ideas in Muhammad Yunus new book (creating the wprld we want  future of capitalism 2008) - it could be that developing cox's bazaar as a socially owned superport will have even more dramatic consequences for peacemaking economists than banking a billiion unbanked or green energising a billion off electricity's grids. Because it will be most joyful to viralise out of any collaborative university with a thriving entrepreneurial future ...

When I first heard of Civil Engineer's Muftah Benomran's Omagine in 2003 it was the most timely and exciting innovation I had ever heard of as a MA in statistics from Cambridge University who has researched social innovations

BREAKING GOOD NEWS 3 October 2014 Sultanate Oman today signed Omagine Project Development Agreement ...replaces breaking news 1 October 2014 Club of Rome cancels Nobel Peace Summit celebration of Mandela legacy in CapeTown because Dalai Lama is too terrifying to be permitted a visa ;

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Accidentally my first job in 1972 was with UK's National development project for computer assisted learning which caused my father Norman Macrae at The Economist to spend the rest of his life debating the greatest worldwide entrepreneurial revolution ever to hit  one generation the coming of the internet and a borderless global village world- an idea that Japan helped the whole of the Eastern hemisphere to relish imaginative freedoms 

Not Our News of The World

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eWe-Ye MA-LEE  "The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past." Tim Berners Lee 

related link help us map 3 billion dollar trust of jack ma and ali baba World class job creators like Jack Ma and Tim Berners Lee are interested in mapping sy…
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Even as it caused tv mass media big brothers in the west to behave in the least trustworthy ways humans have ever been mediated, banked or bossed around through the least sustainable mathematical audits ever computed ( margaret blair had published unseen wealth with brookings and georgetown in 2000 only to have its debates on compound risk censored by the incoming administration from texas sponsored by its exxons and enrons and other non-peaceful industry sectors)


What if one of the small middle eastern states made its flaghsip property development 

not the most luxury walled off offices and palaces but the world favorite open learning  campus and pro-youth summit centre- one engineered around 7 wonders of the 21st c such as being energised by photosynthesis (if big science hadnt gone nuclear in the warring 1940s father's bigraphy of von neumann makes it pretty clear that he would have preferred to live longer popularising photosynthesis as his twin legacy to along with fathering the modern day computer's open system architecture) out of princeton and dabbling with models of the neurally networked brain out of yale

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Muftah Benomran is a civil engineer with an outwardly successful career serving middle east sultans except that Omagine is what he dreamt of building . By 2003 Londoners appalled by the cultural superficiality of bush and blair made omagine a dream conversation to word of mouth and hub. Yet it has taken Muftah 11 years of false leads and persistence to come up with today's celebration commissioning from the state of oman. The rest is the future of how could each of our greatest collaboration wished potentially connect humanity through Muftah's open architecture. If I have chosen the wrong words to introduce omagine, blame me as the messenger not the opportunity you could enjoy by working through how to partner with muftah and imagining every future that can linkin out of oman's open space for designing partnerships around millennials goals

chris macrae washington dc 301 881 1655

next event in omagine october -  7 October Youth Summit discusses future of governance

ps apologies for an personal errors- for 255 years now  the free diaspora nation of scotland has dreamed of open sourcing a curriculum by and for worldwide youth of how to design joyful future systems round expoenetially sustaining 7 billion livelihoods -footonte


 curricula for the world record book of job...
Home valuetrue search for most human value of internet people i wish i had introduced the poor world's greatest jobs creator to
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Subject: Omagine

October 2, 2014

Great news

We are pleased to announce that we and the Government of the Sultanate of Oman have today signed the Omagine Project Development Agreement.


The Omagine Project is a unique multi-billion dollar tourism, entertainment and real-estate project in Muscat, Oman.


Please see attached press release for further details.


Lots of Love and peace 

Muftah benomran 

Footnote Life's but ...


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