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consequence of dad Norman being teenage navigator allied bomber command world war 2 Burma is Diaspora Scots, WRJ alumni & anyone  seek to influence, and indeed everyone we really knows welcomes news on how positive social revolutions empowering Asian Pacific's people's remarkable progress from one sustainable community to another

 2023 UOD people I have so far found (though many more needed to celebrate millennails cooperation goals) aiming to change what intellectual fusion webs (em)power next with all due urgently,  love, scale, deep diversely in virtual media design
1  education as per my OSlist mail out of new york -see
2 women empowering culture secret sauce to child/human development aligned to sustainability gen goals - see
3 gamers new economics can change finance far deeper than crypto trading
so that commerce last miles serves what families most need (because hong kong leads this its being designed in a way that even if you lose all you real estate you still access what trade your family needs and what arts/fashions keep you connected - this one is hard to understand until it simple)
- whilst as a maths guy prefering maps uniting 8 billion people's families and purpose chartering (von neumann survey first mediated by a weekly viewspaper 1951 what goods can peoples unite with 100 time smore tech per decade?)...
 from New Yorkers global &  UN mediation viewpoint this college year 22-23 celebrates SDG Metaverse Prize - connecting every tech agent in UN mostly in Geneva. College  year 23-24 is intended by Guterres at summit future UN NY summer but hosted mainly by youth not the 200 nations' parties.

back in 2015 Asians seemed to enjoy UN sdg launch (informal 500 people survey at various meetings during year 1 of sdgs - consequence 9 education luminaries demand digotal cooperation spet 2016 now known as guterres digital roadmapping transforming all levels of gov - tech envoy

and a sustainable world:

eg open space china from 2015

global social business china from 2016

latest questions from yunus worldwide student sb competitions to and from asia

Asean Inspirations include

JS worldtoilet

ma and malaysia EWTP

world record jobs creator mahabani

world bank and aiib billion dollar investment celebration of indonesia ends slums

BRAC WASH new sanitation entrepreneur projects and are you reconvening ? 

over in korea got to love green big bang club and soft launch of decade of Maolympics (from s.kotea to tokyo to being to paris ... LA 2028) best wishes to Ma as he trains up 750 million fussiest newest middle class consumers in the world - big brands wont past chinese consumers muster unless they deliver order of magnitude smarter service which youth determoned to be teh sustainability generation will deand nothing less than a total transformation od media brand reality

cheers chris macrae washington dc 301 881 1655 nov 2012


1000 rural telecentre concept SB 08: Grameen%20Solutions%20Centers[1].pdf

world's greatest innovations since 1971 

In my life time i dont expect there to be more heroic stories than those on how Babgladesh and China have developed- and now offer colaboration invitations to milennials as the sustainability generation. C&B started their huge leaps early in 1970s , both changed their valuation of women, but China's story includes inward investment (by 1970s the wporld's 3rd richest financial netwpok) while Bangaldesh was developed starting with less resources than any 100 million person nation,,,,


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Since new year 2008 and launch of social business book 1, we have visited dhaka 4 times to compile unique resources with Dr Yunus and his leadership team as well as to collect pamphlets (ask if you want list of 20+ on sale a grameen bank dhaka for about 50 cents each); we have also met dr yunus on 8 other occasions. We aim to share our materials at cost with anyone who is trying to help dr yunus tranform globalisation back to sustainability and…

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Building Social Business

Action big consequences: declare huge sustainability goal & search Collaboration Partners - download sustainabilitygame.doc ; prepares Yunus book networking of that name. This is his second book invitation to… Continue

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10 partners for sustainbility

Origin: It appears that John mackey CEO of whole foods is also looking for worldwide partners in sustainability - ths newsletter just in:

As more and more people have been attracted to our "Conscious Capitalism" program, we have discovered a remarkable level of ignorance regarding the proper functioning of capitalism. In order to create a "Conscious Capitalism" worthy of the name, not… Continue

Posted by chris macrae on December 3, 2009 at 3:00pm

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Yunus updates 2020s

Soon after Fazle Aded Died Dec 2019 Yunus posted this - as now the last vilage diarist of women empowermentSince 2007 we have sampled 2000 yunus social busiens book; 10000 graduate journalist dvds made the week the Nober committee opened Yunus museum summer 2008 a slighly nelated 68th birthf=day party we have helped host his 69th birthday party wished in Dhaka bring eg…See More
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China says Goal 4 health - china says since 1949 life expectancy risen from world low of 35 to 77 above world av 72; why not benchmark AI health with china and countries loving affordable health and long life www.economisthealth.comSee More
Oct 7, 2019
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"1996 opportunity to make grameen parterships worldwude youth most productive job sustauning brand grammen phone forst to leapfrog communications grameen first off-grid-billion person energy model partership labs between world's most resourced…"
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"aga lhan award winning hut - minimum covered structure - moonsoon-proof, cyclone proof, latrine connected; ownership by mother and children reversing culture of any man could throw his wife and children out"
Aug 28, 2014
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"first health services designed into womens banking circles oral rehydration on passbook carrott seeds to end night blindness pit latrines wellbeing lifestyles and group support, and empowerment of self"
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Who are the world's top 10 job creators

Who are the world's top 10 job creators and what distinctive roles do they play so that all their alumni can win-win? search first deadline - end of august to connect with world bank launch of open education campus - see mooc yunus invitation spring 2013suggested role of dr yunus - at any one time in middle of concepts that most excite millennial youth in race to poverty museums and editi9ng unemployment -search for …See More
Jul 18, 2014
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"What can hi-trust banking circles do   Y1.1 Humanly facilitated it can: empower self-confidence empower group to change their community's harmful aspects maximise knowledge and service swaps (non-monetary economy) that eg moters with…"
Jul 3, 2014
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"STUDENTS IN SEARCH OF  MISSING CURRICULA question the 3 stages why missing curriculum of clean energy was never offered to students 1 back in the Presidency of Jimmy Carter, Neville Williiams was assigned to champion solar energy - questions…"
Jul 1, 2014
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"..... ......"
Jul 1, 2014
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"Number 1 impact /microeconomics valuation question of friends of yunus - Fellow Bangladeshis: are we ready to launch ourselves into a path to cross $1,000 per capita income, 8 percent GDP growth rate?, and to reduce poverty level to under…"
Jul 1, 2014
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"Which leaders are investing in net generation's most exciting projects *Grand Duchy Maria-Teresa Luxembourg GD report: The Grameen Crédit Agricole Microfinance Foundation (GCAMF) was established…"
Jun 29, 2014
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"anna (as always epteam network)  very timely info -thanks   when naila and I met taddy on thursday, he mentioned strong overlaps/trust between each others goals aa well as skoll networks that taddy and matts knowhow/innovations most…"
Jun 29, 2014
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"Social Media and Health Education By Hashan Gunathilake | 29 Jun, 2014  Replies (4)  Discussion Resources (1)  Recommend (0) What do you think about educating the public on health conditions using social media?…"
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YUNUS Top 10 social action dream-maker of millennial generation

request your support - nominate favorite iMpossible video - rsvp Yunus top videos.MOOCWho.. more at missing curriculum - Energy &.BeautifulDreams co-create your future.. more:…See More
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Is the west destined to start 21st C as dismally as the 20th? Here's a problem clarified at the united nations new york in 2017 (thats before putin , covid etc) ; it suggests the world's sustainability (of all 8 billion humans brains let alone the artificials)  cannot be achieved unless more westerners truly celebrate 1 billion asian girls investment models since 1972 -welcome to maps of the cooperations around Yunus and Abed...

Asia Rising models 1950s to 1990s offer the most exciting economics of human development lessons ever as well as probably essential deep data maps foundation of making the web 3 2 1 era of Digital cooperation sustainable   23cvmac.docx

What happened in the 1950s as Japan rebooted after world war 2 under US peace umbrella 2 Asia Rising models supervillages (first alumni network borlaug) and supercity cooperation (first alumni network Deming)  with what became first relevant maps to Von Neumann's scoop - what goods will peoples united with 100 times more tech per decade - see how the Economist mediated this story at 

Both of Japans models were quicly replicated by Korea South and Taiwan : high tech sme value chains were more efficiently filled logistically by containersiation shipping than overland within a nation. Soon the world class trading lanes extnded to the 2 greatest suerport locations - hong kong and singapore. Look at a map to see why these 2 ports more than any other locations were at the cross-seas to the pacific coastlines through which 70% of humans develpment depended.

The problem of how mainly japan Britian and Netherlands had empoired over the whole region was continetal inland vilages were left out completely of engineering developments since 1860 - they had no access to electricity grids, and so no telecommunications. This coresponded to what Schumacher had descibed as ending poverty is mainly a chalenge of developing million of rural vilages. While rural livelihoods had been integrated into post war development of Japan, Korea South and Taiwan, it wasnt until the 1 billion girls models starting from 1972 that the most massive cooperation race to end poverty began. As well as the inland rural chalenge most of this was in the tropics an area with most diseases in the world (and where up to half of infannts either died directly of dehygration or lack of nourishment during first 1000 days -see stinting)

Its relevant to call what happened between 1970s and 2020s aid 2.0 3.0 4.0. Specifically aid 2.0 was about going beyond trickle down gov ti gov aid and charity and designing positive cashflow womens busienss models in the vilages- it didnt matter how small mthe icrofranchsie replication as long as the cashflow was positive and the last mile services matched most uregent needs be these eg most efficient local rice production to end starvation or doordashing by foot the most basic medicines. This was the main driver of aid 2.o - now any investment in the village kept to recycling with value and productivity staying in the village. A second component of 2.0 was to innovate lessons the whole world of development needed. AS YUnus admits here , Abed was the number 1 designed or these solutiosn from 1972 - 11 years before he started scaling his own vilage womns solutions and crucially at the same time that chiense womens vilage development was also taking off. While funded in diferent ways, Abed and China open sourced solutons each others viklagers needed. 

When we started 16 trips to Bangaldesh in 2007 starting with Xmas visit to Yunsu we were sampling 2000 of his social bsuiens book and well into bangaldesh becoming an epicentre for leapfrog models which we may call aid 3.0 and 4.0. Specifically 3.0 is about what happened where vilage women were empowered by partners bting both solar and mobile phones. 4.0 involdves having neen key to all natiosn decaring 17 sdgs in 2015- which combinations of these goals did Bangladesh need next. The reality is when you look at the maps of the Bay of Bengal the disatrous error of British partioning of regional indepence 1947 blocked Bay of Bengal peoples east of Calcutta from access to world trade ports. There bangaldesh and Myanmar remain hemmed in without shipping trade access while every other nations with coastlines from Korea South round to the Gulf can blend both supercity and supervilage models. Its not that they all do but they dont have their infrastructure completely blocked.

So here we try and list 10 models that those who study Yuns might best bring to 2020s as probaly the last decade where elders decsions will either turn under 30s into firt sustainability  generation or the first extinction generation

2008 Last Call Touring rwo thirds of humans and AI world with NM & MY

When my father Norman Macrae hosted his 84th and half birthday (his last before bedridden with cancer) with Muhammad yunus and 30 friends at London's Royal Automobile Club Feb 2008- it was probably one of dad's 3 his generation's most dramatic learning times. He had ended world war 2 graduating as teenage navigator allied bomber command burma (leaving google maps in his head of almost everywhere the big empires of UK Japan and Netherlands has historically messed.Next ,1951 at priniceton Von Neumann asked father to become lifelong editor of what goods can people iuite with 100 times more tech per decade; this had become Yunus overwhelming quest since 1995 as one of two billion- girls supporters networks -along with compatriot twin Fazle They were worldwide entrepreneurs firsts to  experiment iwth leapfrogging models that mobile and solar could bring to peoples previously without electricity grids. In other words those who aimed to study moral market & human development of the bottom 2 billion peopels out of asia were mapping and innovating societies , economies and education lives were leaping from zero tele to webs (1,2, 2020s coming of 3 or meta). 2008 was a dramatic time as all the west's banks were subprime bankrupting- and the question became would elders pay up for their own systemic faultliness or charge the debt to millennials

thus compounding the likelihood of 21st c extinction not sustainability

Those of us who listened to Norman-Muhammad were also in the epicentre of sampling 20000 yunus books on what he had meant by his nobel speech on social business and later that summer 10000 youtube style dvds that graduate jouranlists made weile the whole world of yunus fans including nobel judges met to open yunus museum dhaka also his 68th birthday wish party


1 why on earth did the whole bay east of calcutta not yet stare one superport; the missing links of the caostlione; look east of myanmar and you can see the busiest sma supply chaisn all the way up the coastal belth to Japan where this h-tech corrdor had begun by the late 1950s; look west and you have the rical cultures of idia and pajistan and no win-win trading ports unril you get to the UAE- what a ridulous way to map athe highly intercnnected 21st v world by now 7 decades into von neumanns survey - what goods will peopels united with 100 times more tech per dcade- of course you could now review every SHELFF puepose that vilage motgers had spent 37 years griundiung national development around...

whose knowhow had most helped bangladesh as world 2.0 to 4.0 edovimocs developemt lab - on 2  helath 3 food 4 education. 5 women building 100000 person meta-vilages and leadesrship-Franciscan empowered.

6 Who did Yunus get his solar knowhow from and whay hadnt Americans linkedin this knowhow decades earlier

7 What really was the connection between soros, yunus, telenor and MIT-Legatum

8 Why wae obama now camapigning under the slogan Yunus and prince Charles had first ecleberated - launching microcreditsummit and prefacing banker for the poor

9 Was it banking oin education that empowered bangaldesg to be the first nation built not just by the peoples but by women - and the 8th most populosu poorest ever nation at that

10 How many revolutions in western aid was banaglashe hsitiry or future in the middle of if milennu=ilas are to be sustainable?

Toue 1 9 months Oct 2007-June 2008 - what can sustainability of generations learn from yunus book on global social business and partners platforms of global corporations and universities seeking new curricula of millennials as sustainbility generation?

This tour was my father Norman's last chance to integrate 60 years of von neumann survey (dad started in 1951 when Economist journalists met V Neuman Princeton -later dad became his and Goats of maths biographer): what goods can peoples unite with 100 time more tech per decade? Dad had spent his last days as teen navigator allied bomber command ww2 Burma Campaign. He empathised with Neumann and other maths wizards who had found theii lifetime of innovating tech being groomed for wars and other bads. Moreover both could see that industrial age consumption of things leads to zero-sum models even profiteering from scarcity economics (th emain asymmetry of G8 going to ww2); neumann was interested in way above zero sum games such as when life critical knowhow multiplies value in use or in in digital APP once global connectivity brings down cost of distance to the margins as happens wherever 21st C webs are installed

War in the air's one benefir (if you srvived)  you had goodle maps in your head (East-West) and quite a bit of south-north  more than a generation ahead of other media or government people.Notabky dad could tacitly understand  what Yunus Age 3 up might have seen from the ground. When dad's last public birthday party hosted yunus and 40 infiuencers out of London's Royal Auto Club Feb 2008, they chatted a lot about yunus dream chapter in his book:  that cox's bazaar be invested in as suoerport connecting bangla India myanmar and china. Aid since 1945 has completely missed the geonomic question- where do peopels need superports to unite trade beyond borders. Since 80% of world trade is shipped- nations that are either landlocked or without (shared) access to a superport are excluding their next generation from growth or sustainability of both. Its a pity that the united nations wasnt asked from birth to map where superports were needed for humanity to make progress. Sadly during the 29 years of cold war raging from 1960- joint suoerports (and indeed all commons joining infsratructure banking got thrown out with the bathwater) as russia and usa raced to sponsor rival neighboring dictators. If humans couldnt map hardware of worldwide infrastructure connectivity transparency what chances with web worlds 1,2,3 from 1990

Until partitioning Bangla peoples of te bay of bengal had shared access to what had been Asia's largest port under British Empire rulr- calcutta. From partitioning cruelly, Bangla people had no major trrading routes by sea, nor bby land as partitioning had surrounded them with opposite religions of india and burma and made them a colony of (west) pakistan 1000 miles away. In the neae quarter of a centuiry iunder west pakitan the world's 8th biggest population had no trading access and by birth of nation Banglasdesh 1971, 90% of peoples were living in rural areas without access to electricity but with such humidity that a third of infants were dying and a male culture had priotised the role of village women as child breeders. I had first seen a draft copy of yunus book oct 2007. I showed it to dad and head of japanese development in washington DC. They said go sample 2000 students with it. Yunus invited me over to dhaka xmas 2007 to ask what were we doing with his books. From then on I tried to join hios tours in usa uk france and germany as well as sherpa journalism srudents what became 16 times to Bangladesh. June 2008 was when nobel judges came to dhaka to celebrate yunus opening a peace museum. That was the largest assembly of yunus corporate partners to date. from which this story was clarified. We took the opportunity to print 10000 dvds with youtube style interviews of all of the founders of grameen from its beginnings as a university research project chittagong circa 1976 to its formal government ordiance 1983 (12 yeras after birth of nation and fazle abed's brachad shown how to scale last mile helath servannts as social busiensses and livelihhod  schools for villagers of all ages.

Jan - June had been a crazy 6 months as the subprime virus spread across the west. Intriguignly bangaldesh's banking for poorest women was relatively little imoacted initially by subprime. I was having coffee with yujus in april the day british banks died and Girdon Briwn called yunus into 10 downing street. Later I met Brown as Glasgoiw Universir=ty Adam Smith scolars and my family started what has vecome 15 yeras of journals on social busiens and new economics. These bridge the 250th and 265th adma smith moral sentiments summit- the latter invites you(th) to join us Glasgow U June 2023 aka microeducationsummity and KC3,dev

Tour 2 July 2008- December 2009 - how yunus started to lose his bank and western citizens were subprimed

Tour 3 Atlanta Souther * Poor states (primarliy HBUC) tour  2009 intended to end 2015 but halted end 2013 at the same time as yunus halts annual nobel peace laureates summit started by gorbachev, walesa and rome. This had all started as Atlanta's great (Turner & Carter family) and good (Kings and potentially Bransons reality tv superstar founder of span) ask yunus if they can be his favorite space in exile - and he says if we can do state wide tours of poorest places in USA - chalkenge students to be social bsuie ss solutions- get states head of education to promise proze winners support of every acadmic in state owned universities

You could say the adult life of my father , The Economist's Norman Macrae, came full circle at Bay Of Bengal's nations. He had spent his last day as a teenager navigating airplanes allied bomber command Burma. His last public birthday party was with Muhammad Yunus in 2008. There we launched sampling of 2000 of Yunus books on Social Busienss and that summer another 10000 youtube dvds made with Yunus and all his founders- at their peak celebration- Nobel Judges were in Dhaka (as was the larget single gathering I have ever seen of major corporate CEOs partnerining one civil society network. They were all there to celebrate open Yunus museum (and extension of the library Yunus kept at Grameen banks with about 30 global awards hung up on a wall of celebration. The Nobel Judges also hosted a seminar to make the point thattheye were also to celebrate the resileinece of bnagladesh girls and boys as well as women empowered nation buildin. Bangla was  then in its 37th year from 1971 startup as 8th largest and number 1  poorest population. The subcontinet of India ruled by British Empire being home to quarter of the world's population. This was something my maternal grandfather sir ken kemp knew a lot about - as chief justice mumbai he dialogued with Gandhi for 25 years before writing up the elgalese of Independence. Sir Ken had no idea that the partitioning was about to be ruled.

Father knew Bangladeshi's as extremely hardworking - they had got the shirt sr=traw of every dynamic of british empire. Suddenly at 1947 Britain partitioned independence with West Pakistan colonising the muslims in the Bay of Bengal in spite of 1000+ miles of india in between. Worse hat had been Asia's greatest superport was nw India's - esentialy Bangaldesh was cut off from ocean world trade routes and surrounded by hostile land neigbors.

Dad died about 2 yeras after hosting Yunsu and 40 guests at Royal Automonbile Club but Glasgiw University took up the baton connecting archives of 3 peoples works - adma smith scholars, dad's and yunus. I went on ti visit Bamgaldesh 16 time ofuen with young journalists. These were my 35 to 50th trips to Asia having first worked on market redearch projects fro Unilevel Indonesia 1982 and much of SE Asia through the rest of the 20th C. I was to find that it wasdn't Yunus that first chnaged wedtern aid but Fazle Abed . Nonethe lesd ans someone who has spent my life trying to get the most joyful stories into media, Ilearnt a hot- and i became ever more urgetly convinced that if we fail to help mil;lennails end poverty then our species will fail all of sustainabiloty's test before the end of the 21st C. 

Oddly all of my father's resaerch and work at The Economist can be read as escaping exrtinction. He had personally escaped in world war 2, and soon after being hired by tyhe Economist he met von neumann in princeton. Neumann asked dad to teach economic journalists probaly the greatest survey question of all- what goods will peoples unite with 100 ties moire technolgy per decade. Both neuman and father were too well awarre that fast accelerating tech can only have one of 2 opposite end games - orwell had already written up the negative secnario- join us in humaniyty's greatest leaps beoynd extinction - now the 2020s is proving to be ultimate test of huan intel and love.

Bangladesh drew one of the shortest straws of colonisation after being colonised by brits to 1946; another 25 years being colonised by (west) pakistan - colonial world trade wasn't organised to the colonies benefits-

if a martian orbited round earth, he would be shocked how illogical many locations (or lack thereof) of ports and railways are. The good bews is China's XI Jinping is inviting peoples across hemispheres to pay the most valuable trading game ever sustaining BELT ROAD IMAGINATION- help change learning all about this at

perhaps its no surprise that one of the greatest superport opportunities in the world today is the coastal belt bangladesh occupies- a superport at cox's bazaar could if designed with china india and myanmar give bangladesh peoples a huge leap forward and benefit the peoples of the border areas with myanmar; china's belt road is already restoring win-win trades across the europe (med sea) suez djibouti-uae - pakistan coast at Gwadar -where would india like to join in; sri lanka is alread a big part of Belt Road Imagination

if you go east of china on a similar latitude to bangaldesh's coastline you would reach mexico, which could soon have the largest ports in the americas- psst dont tell trump but nobody could be doing a better job of marketing china and mexicos mutual win-wins

question us at usa - next mass convergence youth jobs future capital Atlanta Nov 2015

. ...

download inaugural copy of journal of social business 

xWho are the world's top 10 job creators and what distinctive roles do they play so that all their alumni can win-win? My assumption since first meeting Dr Yunus in 2007 is he is a top 10 job creator and at any one time he links in hundreds of concepts that most excite youth with particular sustainability impact on girls, mothers, families in world's poorest villages (ie without infrastructure like energy, running water, etc). Note the world bank launches open education campus next month- its is urgent we identify top 10 job creators and ensure their knowhow and alumni networks linkin. Search MOOCYUNUS for dr yunus advocacy of this idea spriing 2013 at skoll world championships chris



Bangladesh has been world's meta-hub of excellence for optimising sustainability economics of communities since birth of nation in 1971, and since 1996 in mobilising youth's heroic goals united by human race to End Poverty. Since 2005 With Paris, Bangladesh has pioneered the most exciting partnerships using Social Business Models. These map Entrepreneurial Revolution networks beyond 20th C privatization structures. BUT today's worldwide financial crisis requires resolution of professions and political constitutions beyond the dismal 20th C dynamics of externalization


Yunus updates 2020s

Soon after Fazle Aded Died Dec 2019 Yunus posted this - as now the last vilage diarist of women empowerment…Continue

Started by chris macrae Jan 2.


China says Goal 4 health - china says since 1949 life expectancy risen from world low of 35 to 77 above world av 72; why not benchmark AI health with china and countries loving affordable health and…Continue

Started by chris macrae Oct 7, 2019.

Bye Bye Colonisation and carbonisation - hello BRI wi-win trading routes and new superports

Biggest superport opportunities to 2025 could be:South Asia Cox's Bazaar - needed to help half a millennum of poverty compounded by empire colonisation all along the south coast of Eurasia…Continue

Started by chris macrae Mar 5, 2018.

at one time you could access all these grameen webs

Global Village Practice.Youtube..Webportal..Youth-Free Edu & Journalists..Other...85000 Portal.…Continue

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Journal of 2010s

ED: Glasgow U Smith Scholars launch social business & new economics -tour more 21st C openJ:  JEiE  I(Top secret Not the Facebook Economics) &

TO BE OR -join 8 billion neing's social responsibility 

these are the most exciting times to be alive

help edit 2024's last edition of 2025report- begun 1984 -34th year of 75 searching wwws of womens kindness saves the world -whatsapp

how can we include grameen cases in net generations's leading MOOC


Fazle Abed: never spend time in a MOV unless C is for cooperation


2023 updates can open space & ed3 help who spends what time in metaverse and supporting Guterres 9 playing pieces of gov 2.0

If i understand john is in oregon - one of 7 states my family in small way helped yunus challenge to state wide college student competitions -open source solutions needed 2009-2013 to go sustainably beyond subprime 
 paul is in brighton area - he mentions jack martin leith who was first host of a london open space I attended 2000; i know how 2000-2006  after 9/11 developed open space in London and south england , hubs , be the change- personally 2005 was a worst year for me my main open space associate colin morley was killed in 7/7; dads cancer was announced termina; my 8 yaer old daughter was being bullied in us school, and attending make poverty hostory's maion foundation ,eetings in london withh bbc red nose they were talking fund raising not solutions educatirs needed to distribute; and there was no undesranding of web 2 (mobile satabase race)
Is this enough to see wht metaverse designers , open space faciltatirs and those helpoing gureres chnage government need each other
Do we have a map of regional oipen space faciliraotrs who might want to deepen this discussion
cheers chris
 I was lucky that one person connecetd me with bangladesh which I had never been to. It turned out vilage women builth that nation byparticpating weekly in open space circles. This began eoiund 15000 vilage homes rebuilt after war had faletened them. There were 3 main types of vialfe circles - food, health/sanitaion, crafts and eg social forestry to earn trade with city. The purpose to help illiterate vilage mothers design small busienss micrfranchise in these 3 applicatiuon circles geared to end tens of mothers dying weekly of sravation and scores of infants dying of dehtdartion. I mention this because the bbc as world's number 1 public braidacster did endless harm by descriging this system wrongly - I monitired that endles harm from 2007. I dont like facebook but I am redesigning an economics grioup i posted in 2008 but forgota bout for 15 yeras; Glasgow feeinds & my my main blog on scottosh economics moral semntiments is
maybe I am wrong but at 71,  i see collision of metaverse and open space as last best chance- of course its very contextually geographbically and by whar issue under 30s half of wporld face first to resov]=lve comapred with ,ess my generation has spun
I am just a mathematicains so I love graet simple faciliation but dont do it muself though as marhet researcher and caluer of leadeship purspoe its ceteinaly in my opinion searching toolbag
I guess I am confused - relatively few open spaces seem, to masively craetre move,mensts which immediately lead to emplyment for thios who have particpp;ated- whn i have tried to ask harrison about this - i undersyand examples of follow through success include
eg when atalantolym[ics was 6 montsh be]hind schedule so needed os solutions
ironically I ddont believe hackathos etc during era of web1,2 have really used open space- often the hakathon has a bif digital sponsor
so if I am right its al to play fpor - how do we get best of open space , web 3 and live.lihood education

 m dad's case entrepreneurial revolution 1976 - need to change constitution and finance as for sme networks to save all community building futures; as well as livelihood development of half of world east of iran 1977  Two Billion People: A Survey of Asia
death of disance telecommuting; He saw a Jeffersonian future, in which, thanks to 
dad had survived being teen navogatitr allied bo,ber sommand burma; so had google maps in his gead before any20th c media person and met von neu,ann in peinceton who asked whether econos,its were interested in teh scoop - what goods could peoples first unite wherever they wer privileged to apply 100 times more etach [er decade -or in harroson case ever deeper real time globasl villages
i found open space in Uk just before 9/11 with oneof same faciliatrors as paul ie jack marting leith; my wife and daughetr had already moved to maryalnd where I found harrison was a neigbor o f ikne from abour 2006
I have only hade visit to oregon- with muhammad yusnu chalenging the states colege stidents to collaboiration entreporeneurship
Is it just 3 of us or do you think otehrs are interested? based in dc i really see new york as only affoedable space so for me its usefil that has proven how to design meta-conference and camous spaces and applies open space as part of its mix; amd I am trying tp connect all new york friends through the omnly part pf teh Un taht I matehmatically uinderstand gov2.0 by accident since 2016 have ben at main meeting of this in ny and geeva and at zooms
but where else do you sugest we linkin - is there a way to coperate; anything else I should try & clariyy??
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This is really interesting to me.  Please let me know if anyone is aware of any upcoming OS meetings where this kind of thing will be interactively discussed.
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may need to be short and long version of this question if its to help with millennials being first sustainability generation
Shortish Version 
Over least 12 months have talked to people designing metaverse to maximise millennials changing education and connect positive emotional intel some of call womens kindness (one ny billionaire is launching her next leap on kindness on valentines day) with the help of my favorite recording studio in NY
NY first became my fav place in USA when 9 brave educators (eg world bank jim kim) in 2016 told the UN hq that the sdgs were unteachable without change to every way learning time is spent - that has become Before this the UN had nothing for me coming from 4 generations of diaspora scots who prefer not to spend life's time on top down system design 
another asian new yorker Home | k20 Educators is in my searches a mile ahead in designing virtual spaces so youth don't need to be tied to costs (and silos) of physical conference centres or lectures driven by costly certificates -
 she has designed in about 4 best of meta-tools - eg augmented reality, game designs, blockchain to own what fashion or solutions you create or open source; 
AND open space
so short question who might want to chat with her (of course you are welcome to contact her direct) but my new york friends are trying to linkin a calendar of stuff through 2023 where we aim to help communities take back the UN (or at least youth scaling sdg solutions across communities)
so as one example march 21 to 25 has first water-sanitation-habitat summit at hq for 20 yeras and i know jack sim from singapore who is number1 in telling stories on value of toilets; jack's own story includes selling his 40 companies in 1999 and spending the last 23 years or cooperation solutions BOP Hub 
most of our new york meta- diary links in something asians are doing because they have for many reasons not seen the web as dominated by advertising; 
cheers chris
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73rd year of mediating von neumann's question what goods will privileged people unite with 100 times more tech per decade 
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